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  • Janice took on the role of my “new” Financial Advisor, when my previous financial advisor let me down and was not there for me and my children at our time of need.

    Not only did Janice fight for me to receive my late husband’s Life Insurance (and won), but she went above and beyond my expectations. She gave me hope when I thought there was none.

    I’ve never met anyone as smart, caring or experienced as Janice. Her precision and attention to detail is amazing.

    She has great integrity and my trust in her is immense.

    I would recommend Janice to anyone. I have great faith, in her honesty, knowledge, skills and ethics.

    The great respect and admiration I have for Janice means she will now be my Financial Advisor for life.

    Thank you.

    Carmel D.

  • I have been a client of Janice Furstenberg for the past 14 years (since 2003).

    In 2002 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

    Upon diagnosis, I submitted a claim to my insurance company at the time, thinking that this would be a relatively simple process, as I had taken Dreaded Disease cover, and my insurance premiums were up-to-date.

    Unfortunately, my Insurance company, one of the largest in Australia and highly reputable, refused to pay out the Trauma cover. After 9 months of dispute, and on the verge of giving up, with little to no help from my existing adviser, Janice intervened. She was not even the Broker who had originally set up the policy. She took up the case on my behalf, and in a meticulous manner, gathered evidence to support my claim, and dispute the allegations that the insurance company were making.

    Two months later, I received the full payout from the Insurance company. I transferred all my financial policies and appointed Janice as my new Financial Adviser.

    Since then, Janice has given me sound advice. Her knowledge of financial planning has proved to be invaluable. Had it not been for her, there is no doubt that I would not be in the financial position that I am in today. My only regret is that I didn’t engage her services years earlier.

    I would recommend Janice in a heartbeat. Her commitment to her clients goes over and above the call of duty, and she does so with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, and integrity.

    Nicole M

  • Years ago, I took out personal insurance for life, total and permanent disability and income protection. In 2012 I suffered chronic pain in my legs and haven’t been able to work full time since then.

    At the time, I was relieved to know that I had income protection with one of the top Australian insurance companies. What I didn’t know then was how important definitions are and that the ones on my my policy were weak. Also I didn’t realise how hard it would be dealing with the insurance company. My original advisor who had been so friendly when he took me on as client no longer had the time to assist. His lack of assistance and follow up was non-existent.

    I was almost at the point of giving up in 2013 as I was getting nowhere. I was recommended to see Janice Furstenberg by an existing client of hers who always spoke very highly of her honesty and capability.

    After several months of getting the run-around with the insurance company and not getting anywhere, (including them losing documentation I had previously sent), Janice started dealing them on my behalf. Everything has now changed since seeking her professional assistance. While it is unfortunately too late for me to improve my existing income protection policy ( as I will have a health exclusion and am not working), I have a sense of comfort that everything that can be done to assist me is being done by Janice, she is acting in my best interests and treats me like a person and not a number.

    I highly recommend Janice and only wish that I had met her before so that I would have had the right insurances from the start and the comfort of knowing that she would also be by my side at claim time.


  • I have seen Janice for life insurance, income protection, Critical illness and TPD insurance. I found her to be genuinely caring and had my best interest at heart. She was thorough, quick and efficient.

    I found Janice very approachable and she always ensured that I fully
    understand my options.

    I would refer Janice in a heart beat to both, friends and patients.

    Dr. Ehud

  • I’ve consulted many financial advisors over the years and Janice Furstenberg really stands out from the crowd. She is highly capable and very professional. She makes the effort to fully understand her clients’ situation and needs, and provides appropriate and sound advice.

    In addition to this, Janice is also highly efficient, extremely  thorough, and most importantly she is a genuinely honest and trustworthy human being.

    I have no hesitation recommending Janice for advice on managing one’s finances or insurance requirements.

    Jacob G.

  • We were recommended Janice’s services by a friend who had achieved good results with her regarding budgeting, financial planning and insurance coverage. My husband and I have a great relationship but we tend not to discuss money matters at all.

    We have had a few financial mishaps over the past 8 years. We needed the time and place to sort out the remaining actions that were required to move forward. Through Janice we found a way to discuss important financial topics in a safe place. The most important thing Janice helped us do was clarify our financial (and life!) goals. We were both quite different, for example, in our definition of “what is financial security?”

    We now have a 5 year plan to achieve our new ‘joint goals.’ We have also reviewed our overall “balance sheet…” which was a real eye-opener! Janice also examined our superannuation. This was great as we could see what insurances were missing and how our returns were compared to other funds.

    Lastly, Janice put this lifetime over-spender on a realistic budget, which has helped so much with feeling more in control of our finances. The key to this was her special 10 week tracking of expenses to see where the money was going!

    Thanks so much Janice for helping us take charge of not only our finances but also our dreams.


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